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Bunnies and Foxes

... Friends of the Forest

A Friend of the Forest
6 June
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my name is Meru and I love heaps of stuff. I love being creative in any way whether its writing cute songs about gingerbread or turning old disgusting stuff into cute lovely crafties. I love having friends over and having a big glass of wine and cooking them a lovely meal until all my friends are full and drunk and having a good time. I love to make sure everyone gets a present on their birthday. I love classic old horror movies that scare the craps out of me. I love fashion and though I don't endulge much I like to imagine I have an amazing wardrobe full of good stuff. I do like to find expensive clothes cheap though like in outlet stores and second hand shops. I love cleaning and making things nice. I love my boyfriend he loves to cuddle me and thats nice. I love my friends and I love taking photos of them when they're not noticing and capturing the cutest things about them. I love being me and wake up every day feeling happy. I love to make other people feel happy too and making sure they don't get sad, and if they do get sad I love to hug them and make them feel better. I especially love listening to great great music I think it absolutely MAKES life. When you are sad listen to sad music, when you are excited listen to exciting music, and when you are dancing listen to dancy music! But not like friggen trance or anything.
I also super super love love going to Uni and learning and I can't wait to start my Honours project ! eeh! so yes, thats the end.